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19 April 2011 Request for information update
Following the recent launch of the new internal information website of MoE, i-site, all Directorates, Office and Services within the Ministry are requested to provide updated information about their unit for publication on i-site. Please provide us with information that is of most value to other staff of MoE: your departments' plans, strategy documents, etc.
For an example of how information can be provided, please have a look at the particulars under Programs>GEQIP in the menu above. read more... or see the letter distributed by the Communication Directorate about this subject.
15 April 2011 Launch of i-site
Staff and management of MoE have on occasions expressed the views that information relating to MoE's internal activities should be made available to all more directly and easily. This i-site is set up to meet that demand.
Please note that the MoE external website will soon also be updated again. This i-site is not intended to replace that portal, just to complement it with internal information. read more...
15 April 2011 Improved ICT support
It is MoE's intention to strengthen its internal ICT support. An implementation proposal to that extent is under way. Meanwhile, an interim ICT organisation has been set up within the EMIS subprocess area. As a consequence, staff of MoE will receive an increased service level for ICT matters. Improvements include better anti-virus measures. read more...

What is i-site?
i-site provides a repository for information of importance to the MoE community. It can't be viewed outside MoE premises.
It is planned to soon improve the MoE Internet Websites too.
There are 3 MoE Websites now (click on pictures below);

the e-Government MoE Portal:

MoE's own Website:

the Teachers' Education Portal:

The number of sites may be reduced, or their information harmonized.


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(or visit the ICT Team in Room 12 in the new building).
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